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Morrisby tests
Psychometric tests are increasingly being used by employers as part of the selection process. Tests can also be used as part of the guidance process, which is how we use them. We have a tester who is trained to British Psychological Society level A standard to use psychometric tests for guidance.
The idea of a psychometric test is to measure general or particular mental abilities or personality traits. Often, there is a tendency to see test results as the whole answer to a question (for example, 'what do I want to do?'). We disagree with this concept, and feel that tests should be seen as only a part of the guidance process, albeit a valuable one in many cases. We use tests to form the basis for a full discussion with a client, taking into account the whole
personal environment.
Many people don't like the word 'test', as it implies a pass or fail situation. It is
important to remember that when using testing for guidance there is no
right or wrong. Every person is different and the test gives only an
indication of that persons interests or strengths.

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