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Probably the worst part of finding a job is going through an interview. Few people enjoy interviews, and some people are really terrified by them. Part of the problem is that we only face them occasionally, so we never really get used to them. We put a lot of effort into CVs, letters and application forms, and then we go into the interview that decides everything without any preparation at all.
Good preparation can really help. Dressing properly, practicing answers and questions
to ask, refreshing yourself about the job and company and being prompt are important.
A practice interview can help you by giving you the chance to experience an
interview situation without some of the pressure and then receive expert advice
on your performance and suggestions on how to improve it. A short personal
consultation to discuss interview techniques costs from just 35.00. A full
practice interview lasting 30 to 40 minutes costs 55. Let us know the type of
work you are considering when you arrange your appointment and we will
prepare a relevant interview in our offices, followed by a feedback discussion.

If you intend to book a consultation, and you have difficulty with stairs, please let
us know when you make your appointment in order that we can arrange the use
of an accessible room.
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