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Interest guides are designed to assist in identifying the work areas that might be of interest to someone. The client is asked a series of questions or given a series of statements to react to, each of which relates to one or more work areas. The result may be a 'profile' of interest or a series of job or education course suggestions. The results are best used to form the basis of a discussion with an adviser who can relate the results to other aspects of the individual and to the job market. We are currently using two interest guides, each of which has it's particular strengths. They can form part of our
individual consultations.
Pathfinder is a computer based interest guide that takes about 20 - 25 minutes to complete. It will
suggest a list of suitable jobs or higher education courses which can be printed and it is also
linked to a comprehensive database of careers information.
Passport is a paper based interest guide that can be completed in about
20 - 50 minutes. It is in two sections. The first gives a profile suggesting
broad job sectors and from this one or more stage two papers are
completed which suggest more detailed career areas.

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