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If you really don't know what you want to do, how do you find out what type of job will suit
you? If you have a job in mind, what exactly does it involve? Where can you find out the
entry qualifications, the best training, whether you will enjoy the work and if there are any
job openings? The truth is that you can never find out everything,
but good research and advice can really help. Much of the information
you need is already out there, on web sites or in brochures, but what do you do when one
says one thing and another something completely different? That's where we come in.
Sessions cost from just 35.00 for a half hour. If you need detailed guidance
then we would recommend an hour session at 50.00. We will send you a
written report of the discussion, including recommendations and information.
Our pre-session questionnaire helps us to give the right advice to new clients. Click
on the button below to complete and submit it to us before your consultation.
Alternatively, when you book your appointment you can ask us to send you a printed
version or E-mail you the link to a PDF form which you can print and post to us
before your consultation. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the PDF.

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